Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Everyone Appreciates Clutter-Free & Good-Looking Lawns.

But as in most cases, property owners don’t quite have the time, money or patience to look after their lawns/gardens and augment their green entertainment spot.

Fortunately for you, AL’s Landscaping is here to help you with all your specific lawn care, mowing and general maintenance services.

We come down to your location at your chosen date and time to deliver you customised lawn care and maintenance services within your budget, of course with the option of contactless service.

Target Locations - St. Kilda, Brighton, Elwood, Elsternwick, Point Cook, Ripponlea and all across Melbourne.

Our Range Of Lawn Maintenance Service


Properly trimmed and maintained lawns help reduce heat in homes, create nice recreational spots to enjoy and add beauty and charm to lawns/gardens.

Fortunately for you – our team can handle both one-off lawn mowing as well as regular lawn mowing services to improve the visual aesthetics of your property.

Right from Catcher Mowing (using a catcher to accumulate grass, shrubs and trees clippings),  Mulch Mowing (grass cutting very finely and augmenting the overall lawn’s health), to Large/Acreage Mowing and even End Of Tenancy Lawn Mowing ; we do as you ask us and tidy up the lawn space.


Quality lawn/garden edging helps define from where one space ends and the other space begins. It also gives you a more controlled feeling of your garden/lawn landscape.

If you want your garden/lawn space to be personalised as per your preference, then our professional edging services will let you achieve the shape and decorative borders you want in your outdoor entertainment zone.

Our team always makes use of the best edging tools to deliver you quality service. And they will even present you professional advice (if requested) on growing fresh plants and more greenery.

Leaf Blowing

When your otherwise neat-looking garden often consists of several green debris, stray branches, fallen leaves and grass clippings; it often makes your lawn/garden space appear quite unflattering.

And the more it is left unchecked, the quicker it will contribute to ruining the curb appeal of your property.

If you need help to remove these loose leaves, clippings and other accumulated green wastes, then REACH OUR TEAM at your suitable date and time.

We will make use of powerful and highly efficient leaf blower vacs to carefully get rid of all loose green particles away from your property and restore its cleanliness and visual aesthetics.

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