General Garden Maintenance

General Garden Maintenance

Well-looked after gardens and lawns prove to be main attraction of your property’s curb appeal. But with lack of proper care and timely maintenance; your otherwise gorgeous looking gardens can quickly turn into a drab and boring one.

You most certainly don’t want anything like this to transpire. Well, good news for you is that you won’t have to either.

Regardless of whether you require appropriate weed control, mulching or even filling garden bedsOUR TEAM will deliver you tailored packages to best meet your gardening needs within your decided budget.

For us no job is too big or too small for us…!

So, simply allow our professional team to transform your gardens as per your liking into one beautiful specimen.

Target Locations - St. Kilda, Brighton, Elwood, Elsternwick, Point Cook, Ripponlea and all across Melbourne.

What Entails In Our General Garden Maintenance Services?

Weed Control

Unattended weeds often prove to be your otherwise beautiful looking garden’s biggest nemesis. The longer they’re allowed to grow and thrive, the more water and nutrients they suck out from your garden space, thus leaving them parched.

The wise course of action is to take them out before they bloom and set seeds for the next generation of weeds. Ideally pulling out the weed plant from the garden bed and applying some quality herbicide over it can help manage the situation.

If you need help managing grown weed patches in your garden, then Contact Our Team at a date and time of your choosing. We will promptly come down to your location and take care of this weed menace professionally.


On request, our experienced team of garden maintenance specialists will be more than happy to help you select the appropriate mulching mix for your garden space and foster plant and flower growth at an appreciative rate.

Our mulching mix is customised as per your project suitability. It is eco-friendly and even plays a crucial role in improving the quality of the soil and temperature around the existing plants, shrubs and grasses.

Moreover, our mulching services will also save you the hassle of frequent watering and even controlling weed.

Filling Garden Beds

Raised bed gardening is gaining in popularity with every passing day. These raised beds offer wonderful drainage, properly aerated soil and proper protection against pests and weeds.

Our team also helps you fill up your garden beds using proper soil mixture, mushroom compost, deluxe soil mixture,  sticks, twigs, wood stumps, organic matter, grave, grass clippings, straw; and so on!

So, Your Free Estimate Whenever You See Fit!

CALL US at your suitable time and we will promptly reach your location at your chosen date and time..

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